Eclipse Launcher



All 40mm pneumatic launchers in development

  • Variable velocity 100-600fps
  • Non-Pyrotechnic
  • No muzzle flash
  • Low acoustic signature
  • Semiautomatic action
  • 120 Rounds per minute cycle rate
  • Operating pressure 150-1200psi
  • Interchangeable Barrels
  • 400 meter Range / 20 foot radius
  • 40 meter Range / 1 foot radius
  • Low power setting allows for operating distance of under 1 meter
  • Source of air can be SCUBA or Paintball type tanks of 3000 to 4500psi.
  • Approx. 1 shot per cubic inch from 3000psi source tank at 200psi operating pressure
  • Stationary or portable/mobile compressors with reservoirs may also be used
  • 6 round revolving cylinder
  • Break forward breech
  • Polycarbonate bore sight
  • Semiautomatic action / No winding necessary
  • Gas piston operation
  • Detachable 40mm magazine well
  • Blow forward bolt
  • Quick release air supply
  • Unified air option for magazine
  • Narrow profile 2.25”
  • 30 round ammunition box
  • 40mm Linked shell carrier belt
  • Interchangeable ballast chambers
  • Polycarbonate bore sight
  • Remote electronic operation option

Eclipse Pneumatic LauncherThe Eclipse launchers can be integrated with a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) as it's power source, providing hundreds of shots per tank and breathing air in contaminated environments.

Eclipse Pneumatic LauncherThe Eclipse launchers are capable of launching projectiles typically used in other launchers without the need for a shell casing, primer or gunpowder charge. This drastically reduces operating costs and the case-less ammunition reduces the overall weight the operator must carry.

Eclipse Pneumatic LauncherThe Eclipse is designed to launch the 40mm EMI (Electro-Muscular Incapacitation) round currently being developed by the United States Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program(JNLWP). The ability to launch these projectiles at safe speeds regardless of range to target will provide an effective and safe alternative to current technologies by reducing blunt impact trauma injuries.

Eclipse Pneumatic LauncherNumerous advantages over other weapons are due to the pneumatic operation and user-selectable velocities. With a low acoustic signature and no muzzle flash, the launchers provide a new level of stealth for the operator and multiple options for escalation of force.


Available ammunition consists of blunt impact rounds with foam tipped or OC powder payloads, pneumatically timed aerosol canisters, smoke, illumination rounds in pyrotechnic or electric versions, IR targeting beacons, hornet's nest and pepperball shot.