Complete Line of Pneumatic Launcher Technology

Eclipse Defense Technologies has developed a safe and highly effective alternative to current riot control weapons. The company has produced a projectile launching system that maintains safer less-lethal impact forces by automatically varying the muzzle velocity based on the range to the target. In addition, this system is capable of launching programmable air-bursting rounds that will help avoid accidental blunt impact injuries from flash-bang and irritant payloads that are commonly used in riot control situations.

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Law Enforcement

Escalation of Force and Riot Control

The launchers are primarily designed for military, peacekeeping, homeland security, law enforcement, correctional services, maritime security, and private sector security. They are ideal in crowd control scenarios and capable of remote operation for sentry, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and counter-UAV use. Civilian models are also used for animal control, paintball, airsoft, and other sporting purposes. The company holds a Class 10 BATFE federal firearms license as a manufacturer of destructive devices.


Less-lethal ammunition currently used by police and military is intended for deployment at up to thirty meters from the target but current launch systems do not allow for the velocity of the projectile to be dynamically adjusted. The inability of these launchers to adjust projectile speed increases the risk of blunt impact trauma injuries at closer ranges. The ability of the Eclipse launchers to automatically vary the velocity of the projectile based on range data will help reduce injuries that are common with other less-lethal launchers and will provide escalation of force options for the operator.


The Eclipse pneumatic launchers operate on compressed air with a fire control computer capable of both varying the projectile velocity based on data from an integrated laser range finder and simultaneously charging and programming intelligent air-bursting rounds. The picatinny mounted OLED and optional electronic sight display targeting data in real-time, including range, pressure, launching mode, sensor data, air-burst offset, power levels, and ammunition identification. The electronic sight will have multiple dynamic reticules and a built-in compass and tilt sensor for ballistic compensation and computer assisted targeting. Additional electronic sighting systems such as the SMASH by Smartshooter and radar devices can also be connected to the fire control computer for advanced targeting.

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Competitive Advantages

The ammunition for pneumatic launchers does not contain a pyrotechnic lifting charge or primer which enables immediate re-use of projectiles during training. This benefit reduces operating costs and allows for more complete training.


The patented technology is adaptable to various launch platforms, both pneumatic and pyrotechnic. The company has created belt fed, magazine fed, breech loaded, and revolver versions. Initial production will be 37mm, 40mm, and 80mm single-shot designs with smooth or rifled barrels. The company will continue to further develop updated versions of its previous designs in addition to new systems featuring sustained high rate of fire ability.

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